Review: Taco n Madre Food Truck

Homewood has another new taqueria, this time in the form of a food truck. I stopped by this taco stand in search of a quick bite after it caught my eye while sitting in traffic on Greensprings Highway. It’s located in the parking lot of a gas station towards the Lakeshore end of Greensprings. IMG_0442

After practicing the few Spanish words I know in the car for a couple of minutes (which really only consists of a few greetings, a couple of verbs and a string of taco toppings), I confidently walked up to the window where I was greeted by a very friendly guy who spoke English as well as I did. I figured I would save my painstakingly rehearsed Spanish words for another day.

After looking over the menu I couldn’t decide, so I asked the worker for his recommendation. He told me everything they have is good. After some arm twisting, I got him to recommend the carne asada, so I went with that in quesadilla form.


He cooked everything fresh while I waited by the window. I tried to question him some while he worked, but he was too busy cooking to entertain me much. He did tell me they have only been open for one week and he happily obliged my requests for avocado and salsa verde. After waiting a reasonable amount of time for a freshly cooked quesadilla, he handed me a to go box, charged me $7, and sent me on my way.

When I opened the box I was shocked by the size of the quesadilla. Not only was it on a large tortilla, but it was amply layered with quesadilla goodness. It was enough to feed two people.


The asada was the best quality I’ve had at a taqueria; it was more like sirloin than typical asada. It combined very well with the grilled onions and melted cheese. I tried salsa verde and salsa rojo. Both were spicy and delicious. I couldn’t even begin to finish it all.


Freshly cooked food, friendly service, and ample portions! I can’t wait to go back and try the chorizo tacos. IMG_0449

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