This year marks the 36th anniversary of the St. George Middle Eastern Food Festival, which has become a tradition for many Birmingham natives. The festival brings culinary delights, as well as cultural experiences to attendees. Three days of food, music, and dance runs Thursday through Saturday.

Food offerings include kibbee, rolled grape leaves stuffed with rice and meat, falafel, baked chicken, spinach/meat pies, and a decadent display of pastries. See the full menu here. Long lines usually pack the fellowship hall, but the crowds move through quite efficiently.

Live music will be performed by Arabic singer Amin Sultan on Friday and Saturday from 6-10pm. As an Arabic artist in America, Sultan embraced the opportunity to introduce the beauty and richness of our music to Americans as well as those of all different nationalities, according to his website.  Amin’s style of music is Middle Eastern with western and European influences.

The event is hosted by St. George Melkite Greek-Catholic Church located at 425 16th Ave S, Birmingham, AL 35205. Parking lots adjacent to the church are available, but usually fill up quickly. Bring your walking shoes! Takeout and delivery services are also available for those who choose to forgo the cultural experience while still enjoying the food.

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