Shonos: Japanese Short Order in Hoover

We popped in Shonos on a whim this Monday evening. After glancing at the menu and asking the lady at the counter for a recommendation, there was only one choice: The Eddie Special. A combination of spicy, marinated beef and chicken, the Eddie Special drew a lot of enthusiasm from the owner, who nodded encouragingly while I ordered. “You want it fast,” he said, andhe quickly popped over to the stovetop and started sautéing.

Here’s the menu with lots of teriyaki options.

He really meant quick! It was ready in less than 5 minutes! “You must try this sauce,” the owner said as he waved a small ramekin of what appeared to be yum yum sauce in the air.

I cracked the box open as soon as I could and discovered a mound of fried rice topped with a generous portion of chicken, beef and sautéed vegetables. The whole dish was lightly coated with teriyaki sauce, which was tasty but not overwhelmingly sweet. A small salad was served on the side of the massive entree.

For fast Japanese teriyaki, this place was quite impressive. It was more than enough to feed two, fast, cheap, and tasty. We will definitely be back!

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