Brennan’s Irish Pub Serving Up Irish Coffee

This weekend we began the search for a really great Irish Coffee in Birmingham. Where did we land? Brennan’s Irish Pub, of course!

The Irish-themed bar located at Five Points South was the perfect spot for a late-night Irish coffee. We ordered our caffeine filled cocktails and anxiously awaited. Within minutes, we were served our piping-hot Irish coffee topped with heavy whipping cream. The cream beautifully settled throughout the glass, creating a lovely marble pattern on its way to the bottom. The coffee is meant to be drunk through the cream, although some prefer to blend the coffee and cream together.



We spoke with the guys at the bar about what makes a great Irish coffee while we were there. Fresh coffee, whiskey, brown sugar and heavy whipping cream are at that are required.

Here’s a snippet from Brennan’s newspaper-style menu featuring the Irish coffee and a couple of other Irish drinks.


Here is a little history about Irish Coffee, according to Irish Whiskey Museum: During the 1940s, Foynes was one of Europe’s biggest airports. It was the main airport for Flying Boats and regularly received passengers from the U.S. including Hollywood stars and important political figures. A new restaurant was opened to cater to these guests. Joe Sheridan a young chef was in charge of the restaurant. As the weather in the West can be horrendous, Joe decided to create a drink that would warm his guests up and that drink is the famous Irish Coffee. The story goes that when an American passenger first drank it he asked “Is this Brazilian coffee?” in which Joe replied “No, that’s Irish coffee”.

After some of the cream mixed in, it looked more like this. The drinks were fantastic, but they kept us up all night! Next time we want our coffee Irish we will definitely return to Brennan’s, but in the afternoon!


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