La Nueva Michoacana: Unique Flavor Offerings at Homewood’s Mexican Ice Cream Shop

Along the most culturally diverse section of Greensprings Highway in Homewood lies a Mexican popsicle and ice cream shop that most residents have never heard of. Located in the same shopping center as Sabor Latino, the sweet shop offers a multitude of ice cream and popsicle flavors, as well as some snack foods. After visiting the shop, it will make going back to vanilla ice cream seem rather, well, vanilla. The flavor options offered are simply mesmerizing, as well as tempting.


The brightly lit-up shop is certainly welcoming to visitors and seems to reflect the many colors of the ice cream options that lie ahead.


We couldn’t believe the endless flavor options available. Here’s a look inside one of the popsicle freezers. Many of the options have whole slices of fresh fruit clearly visible through the frozen goodness. It’s tough to tell what some of the flavors are, but the friendly staff is there to answer questions.


The ice cream chest is just as full, offering another assortment of flavor combinations.

We chose a few popsicles on this trip and took them home.

Strawberry-Kiwi Popsicle

The strawberry-kiwi popsicle was filled with both fruits.

Avocado Popsicle

Yes, that’s a slice of real avocado nestled in the center of this creamy and delicious popsicle.

Strawberries and Cream Popsicle

The strawberries and cream popsicle stole the show with its combination of creamy and fruity flavors.

All we can say is “wow”. La Nueva Michoacana is located at 104 Green Springs Highway, in the same shopping center as Office Depot.

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