Chinese Street Fare in Homewood

Mr. Chen’s is now offering authentic Chinese Street Crepes made to order inside the market on the weekends. A table for crepe making is set up outside of the entrance to the restaurant with a poster-sized menu.

IMG_5749 2

We asked a few questions and decided to go with the “traditional” which doesn’t have any meat. After taking your order, the crepe-maker scoops out a serving of crepe batter onto the griddle and cracks a couple of eggs over the top, which she quickly combs to a very thin consistency.

After the eggs cook, the shell is topped with “sweet sauce,” a soy glaze, and a few dollops of “spicy sauce,” sriracha sauce. Next a handful of green onions and cilantro covers the concoction and a large piece of “crispy crackers” which appear to be fried wonton wrappers are broken into pieces over the top.

After masterfully folding the crepe and half-chopping through its center, the server lifts it off of the griddle and plops it into a paper tray for serving. “Ready” she announces over the crowds.


The concoction really is quite remarkable. There are spicy, sweet and salty flavors present. The “crispy crackers” add a lovely crunch; a perfect quick lunch on the weekend. We can’t wait to try some of the meat options!

IMG_5754 2

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