The Seafood King: New to Wildwood

Everywhere we go lately we’ve been asked the same question: “Have you tried The Seafood King?” So what could we do but plan a visit! We dined on a Wednesday evening and the business seemed to be pouring in the doors. We were promptly greeted and seated.

It was a bit sad dining in this restaurant because the building was formerly the Black Pearl Chinese restaurant, the only place in Birmingham to get Dim Sum and Mongolian hot pot, which we loved. However, Black Pearl is out, and the Seafood King is in. The Seafood King specializes in cajun style seafood.

The menu was pretty straight forward, offering both fried and boiled seafood options.

Seafood King Menu
The Menu

There was also a special menu with “King’s Feast” Combos.


We absolutely HAD to try the King’s Feast and went with Combo C, the most elaborate option which includes 6 chicken wings, 1/2 pound of shrimp, 1/2 pound of snow crab legs, sausage, corn, potatoes, and…wait for it…an egg. A boiled egg, to be more specific.

We also tried the Combo A option, with Fried Shrimp and Catfish, on the recommendation of the server. This meal was served with fries.

Our server knew we were writing a blog post and really encouraged us to go for the house specialty: two glasses of seasonal moscato. Now we love our wine, but moscato isn’t exactly our choice. However, the watermelon and strawberry moscato glasses he brought were rather refreshing and seemed to complement the meal well. When in Rome!


On to the food, which arrived very quickly. Our chicken wings were brought out first. They were very meaty and quite tasty. We chose the buffalo sauce option.


The entrees were delivered to our table next. The boiled seafood is brought out inside of a tightly-wrapped plastic bag sitting atop a tray. A silver bucket provided for dumping remains and plastic gloves, bibs, and handi wipes for the mess that is sure to come.


I couldn’t resist dumping out the bag to get a better look at everything. Four seasoning options were available for the low country boil: Cajuun (not sure if that’s a menu mispelling or an intentional diphthong), Garlic Butter, Lemon Pepper, and King Special, which we learned is a combination of the other three seasonings and the Seafood King’s most popular option. We jumped in with both feet and went with the King Special.


The King Special seasoning was quite flavorful! Something about the combination of the garlic butter and cajun seasonings really added a nice flavor to the dish. The potatoes and corn were filled with the seasoning and the seafood was cooked very well: not too little, not too much. The egg was an…interesting addition…to put it nicely. Not for everyone.

The fried fish option was very crispy and came out piping hot. The large shrimp had a very light breading. This dish was served with cocktail and tartar sauce. It was certainly good, but we recommend going with the boiled seafood option, at least on the first visit.


The Seafood King is located at 180 State Farm Parkway in Homewood. Check out their website for more information here.

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