Romanian Paprikas at Interstellar

Transylvania Romanian Cuisine, a pop-up food service founded by Csilla Elam, is serving up traditional Romanian fare on Thursday nights at Interstellar Ginger Beer & Exploration Co. in Alabaster. Located on an off-beaten path, the brewery isn’t your typical local brewery experience, offering exclusively ginger beers inspired by famous drinks.

Csilla Elam and her daughter serving Romanian Fare

Elam’s food is representative of the meals she ate growing up. The menu changes from week-to-week, but is consistently an offering of traditional Romanian dishes. Last Thursday, Elam’s food offerings included:

  • Hungarian Paprikas, a chicken stew with paprika
  • Mamaliga, a porridge made out of yellow maize flour
  • Chocolate Covered Pretzels
  • Chocolate Cake

We tried everything.

Hungarian Paprikas, a chicken stew with paprika

The paprikas is a comfort food meal, reminding us of a Southern chicken and dumplings with a dash of extra flavor and noodles instead of dumplings. Of course we couldn’t try the dish without a healthy side of pickles.

“Romanians eat pickles with everything,” Elam said.

The pickles added a sharp contrast to the dish.

Mamaliga, a porridge made out of yellow maize flour

The mamaliga, similar to polenta or grits, was topped with feta cheese.

“We often eat this as a meal by itself,” said Elam.

Paprikas and mamaliga

Chocolate cake and chocolate-covered pretzels, a popular pub-snack at Interstellar, were for dessert.


Upcoming Food Festival

April 11 from 9-1pm | Chefs Workshop 3439 Lorna Lane, Hoover-

According to the Facebook event: “Pay just $5.00 and get any of the foods you want. First come first served. There will be cakes, soups, appetizers, and main dishes. We cannot save all the food so we are giving it for $5.00 a plate.”

Follow Transylvania on Facebook to see more about their food and upcoming events.


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