Tostadas Up and Running in SoHo Square

Tostadas has been open in SoHo square for over a month now in the old Jackson’s location. Owners Hal and Meghan Craig hope that Tostadas will end up becoming a new gathering place for the Homewood Community. The icy cold margaritas and inviting patio will certainly help with their goal.

The restaurant’s menu includes tapas, tostadas, and plates featuring burritos, fajitas, a Mexican pizza, quesadillas and more. The drink menu includes margaritas and cocktails. Brunch selections are available on Saturdays and Sundays. Tostadas is open every day from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

We dined at Tostadas last week and had a fantastic sampling of several menu items.


Like many Mexican restaurants, chips and salsa are provided to keep your hunger at bay. We decided to try the Pomegranate Guacamole and Street Corn Queso, making a nice trio of dips.


The Pomegranate Guacamole was quite good, with pomegranate seeds on top, adding a new flavor and texture to an otherwise traditional guacamole.

Pomegranate Guacamole at Tostadas Homewood

The Street Corn Queso is exactly that: street corn covered in queso. How can you go wrong?

Street Corn Queso


The menu features a nice variety of options for traditional Mexican food enthusiasts and others as well. Some menu items that stood out as unique were: The Nashville Hot Chicken Tostada, a massive Mexican Pizza and a Fat Pepper.

We started with the restaurant’s namesake. a Tostada. The Smokey is combination of Smoked Pork, Spicy Barbecue Sauce, Fresh Slaw, Green Chiles and Jack Cheese nestled on top of a crunchy tostada, or flat taco, if you will.

The Smokey Tostada

Next up was the Changa’, a smaller version of the restaurant’s El Guapo Burrito: a massive Burrito that is Loaded with Black Bean Salsa, Jack Cheese, Rice, Fajita Vegetables, Diced Jalapeños. Smothered in Queso and served with Rice and Queso Frijoles. If you are hungry and love cheese-this is the dish for you.

The Changa’

We couldn’t leave without also trying the Mexican Pizza, of which the owners were kind enough to make us a mini-version. The Mexican Pizza includes a Layer of Refried Beans and Spicy Ground Beef Sandwiched between two flour tortillas, topped with Salsa, Melted Jack Cheese, Jalapenos, Green Onions, And Tomatoes. This entree brought a touch of sophistication to the many memories of college days in the drive-through line.

The Mexican Pizza at Tostadas

Even though we were completely stuffed, we sprung for the Southern Fried Tostada and ended up taking most of it home. This “flat taco” consisted of: Nashville Hot Chicken, Grilled Peppers, Pepper Jack Cheese And Jalapeño Ranch. It was quite spicy and therefore, paired well with an icy cold margarita.

Lime Margarita (Color Changing Cup)


Many fans of Jackson’s, the restaurant that occupied the space prior to Tostada’s, will be delighted to find that the adored cookie dough egg rolls have been reborn as a cookie dough burrito, using the same recipe (and the same chef). The crispy-fried dessert is filled with edible cookie dough and is served alongside a scoop or two of ice cream.

Cookie Dough Burrito at Tostadas in Homewood

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