Hyderabad Dum Zone: Birmingham’s First Indian Food Truck

Hyderabad Dum Zone, one of Birmingham’s newest food trucks,  serves the cuisine of the south-central Indian city, Hyderabad. The food truck frequents breweries spanning across the Birmingham-metro area; everywhere from Downtown Birmingham to Trussville and Alabaster. We visited the food truck at Cahaba Brewing.

Hyderabad Dum Zone Owners Venesh Kumar and Srivalli Sai Kanchi 

The menu has some staples and other items that change daily. Spicy and mild options are offered, as well as vegetarian and meat-based dishes.


According to Kumar, the most popular item on the menu is the “Hot Fried Chicken”, more commonly known as Chicken 65. The appetizer is a very spicy, deep-fried boneless chicken dish that is frequently seen on the menu at more authentic Indian restaurants. This dish is also offered as an entree. The spicy flavor pairs well with an icy cold beer.

Chicken 65

The daily combo includes rice,  naan, a curry (one vegetarian and two non-vegetarian choices), a side, and raita (a yogurt-cucumber condiment).

We tried the traditional Chicken Tikka Masala, served with naan, chickpea salad and raita. Grilled chunks of chicken enveloped in a creamy spiced tomato sauce poured over flavorful rice

Chicken Tikka Masala

The food trucks posts a weekly schedule on their facebook page to let hungry hopefuls know where they will be. Here’s last week’s schedule for reference.


To learn more about Hyderabad Dum Zone and to locate their next stops follow them on Facebook.

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