What’s Open on the 4th in Homewood?

Before you head out to the Alabama Bicentennial Fireworks Show at Vulcan Park & Museum, or the July 4th Festival in Downtown Homewood to enjoy festivities before the largest and most extravagant Independence Day tradition in the state of Alabama this evening, check out our round up of a few places to celebrate!


West Homewood’s Ash has you covered-open on the 4th!


Demetri’s BBQ

Celebrate at Demetri’s during the Annual Fire & Smoke Lot Party at 6pm

Courtesy: Demetri’s Facebook Page

Jim ‘N Nick’s

Open this 4th of July for all your celebratory feasting.

Courtesy: Jim ‘N Nick’s Facebook Page


Edgewood Creamery

Enjoy a scoop or two after the BBQ!

Courtesy: Jay Connor 

Tostadas Homewood

Open on the 4th! There’s no Ribs or Potato Salad but there are BBQ Nachos and Margaritas which could be a close substitute! Check out our recent article that covers more of their menu items.

Courtesy: Tostadas Facebook Page

Still looking for somewhere to watch the fireworks shows? Check out this article from Bham Now!


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