Cool Down this Summer with a Beer Float at True Story Brewing Company

We recently visited Crestwood’s newest brewery: True Story Brewing Company. Located next door to Crestwood Coffee Company and behind The Filling Station, this microbrewery brings a new option to the strip. The taproom is decked out with quirky art and full-wall, sketched murals and offers three house-brewed beers as well as a number of beers from other breweries, some Birmingham-based.

Craig Shaw, the creator and owner of True Story Brewing Company, said he always wanted to start a brewery. For the past two years, he’s been collecting scrap metal and discarded equipment from a local scrap yard and refurbishing all the brewery essentials, like a kegerator, fermenter, a tap tower and other necessities. Shaw also built the shelving and the bar himself, with welding skills picked up over the years.

True Story Brewing Menu

The Paragon Porter made quite an impression with its stout consistency and toasted coconut finish. While the porter stands alone, it also works well as a dessert., pairing perfectly with ice cream and cookie crumbles, the brewery’s “Prescription Porter”. “We call it the prescription porter because we have the ice cream brought over from our neighbors at Crestwood Pharmacy [and Soda Fountain],” Shaw said. At the time of our visit, no chocolate chip cookies were available, so peanut butter cookies were substituted, which made for a delicious stand-in.


The brewery offers a “neighborhood beer bank”, a black board covered in little notes offering beer that has been paid forward by other patrons.


True Story Brewing Company is located at 5510 Crestwood Blvd, Birmingham, AL

Business hours are:

11AM-11PM Tuesday-Saturday, 12PM-10PM on Sunday and 4:30PM-10PM on Monday



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