Experience London Street Food at Little London Kitchen

It was a British-themed week for us here at Foodies of Birmingham, first spotting the vintage red double decker bus on the streets of downtown Birmingham, eating at said bus, and then wrapping up our week of all things British by seeing “Rocketman” the new movie about the life of Elton John.

Bea and Matthew Morrissette, co-owners of Little London Kitchen have brought a totally new concept to Birmingham: British food served on a bus.

Bea and Matthew Morrissette, co-owners of Little London Kitchen

The food truck itself, where the food is prepared, looks more like a traditional food truck.


The Double Decker, named The Duchess, is parked alongside the food truck and serves as a place for diners to enjoy their meals.

The Duchess is a 1968 Leyland Titan PD3. Purchased in Denver, CO, The 1,600 mile journey took over 5 days, considering that The Duchess tops out at around 40mph. The Morrissettes restored her internally by completing her flooring, refinishing and installing chairs and fitting tables inside.


Little London Kitchen will bring the international flavours of London to Birmingham as well as a slice of British culture. It’s my way of having a bit of home right here to be able to share with you all. We will serve food from our Little London Kitchen food trailer and you can pop on the bus to eat or take away.

-Bea Morrissette, Little London Website

Beef Pie at Little London Kitchen

The beef pie is made of brisket that has been stewed for two hours with garlic, fresh rosemary and thyme, onions, carrots, celery puree with beef stock. After it’s been put into the puff pastry pies, the remaining liquid is used as a base for the gravy. “Everything is baked fresh with a Turbo Chef,” said Bea. Whatever contraption this beef pie was baked in-it certainly had a fresh-from-the-oven taste.

The “chips” or, as we Americans call them: fries, are smaller than steak fries, but cut larger than traditional American fries. Bea said: “We imported the chip cutter (a chip shot) from the UK. This size of fry does not exist in the states.”

We also tried the Fish’n Chips, another traditional British dish. Served over newspaper, the crispy-battered fish pair well with the chips and malt vinegar served alongside.


For dessert, we had the chocolate whirls with caramel drizzle: a pastry dessert that melted in our mouths.


Little London Kitchen posts regularly on their Facebook page with news about their upcoming locations and menu.

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