Foodies of Birmingham Celebrates 1 Year

We are excited to celebrate our one-year anniversary today! While we started writing blog posts over 2 years ago, we really started diving in and building our brand a year ago today. We love Birmingham and are proud to see our city rising as a foodie destination!

Birmingham has drawn national praise for its growing food scene over the last few years, with new restaurants popping up frequently. The Magic City’s food scene has been featured on Food Network, The New York Times (featuring Dolester Miles, named Outstanding Pastry Chef by the James Beard Foundation in May of 2018), Where Traveler, and Food & Wine, amongst many other national publications.

This year, The Atomic Lounge for the second year in a row is a semifinalist for Outstanding Bar Program, one of 20 across the country to make the cut. The Outstanding Bar Program award is for “a restaurant or bar that demonstrates exceptional care and skill in the selection, preparation and serving of cocktails, spirits and/or beer,” according to the James Beard Foundation.

Andrew Zimmern visited our city and said that Birmingham has “solidified itself as the hottest small food city in America right now.”

Over the past year, we have eaten so much good food, shared hundreds of food photos, and written dozens of articles about our experiences. We’ve dined everywhere from the James Beard Award-Winning Highlands Bar and Grill to Little India, our favorite Asian-Indian fusion restaurant located inside of a gas station. We’ve experienced dinner at the homes of local chefs, visited a number of food trucks, celebrated the opening of several new restaurants, and even gotten ourselves into some sketchy situations, on occasion, all for the sake of finding the food gems of our city.

We couldn’t have done any of this without YOU! Thank you, Birmingham, for eating with us, tagging us in your food photos, reading our articles, sharing our content and loving food in Birmingham!

If you aren’t already, follow on Facebook and Instagram to stay in the loop!

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