Celebrate Pi Day at Satterfield’s

It’s 3.14 and Satterfield’s Restaurant is going all out to celebrate! We got an early look at the specials yesterday.

The Key Lime Pie Martini

Key Lime Pie Martini

The special cocktail is a combination of coconut simple syrup (made in house), Vanilla Vodka, milk, and key lime juice. The glass is crusted with pie crumbles to finish off the dessert in a glass. Available at only $3.14 today, these cocktails are the perfect way to celebrate!

The Meat Pies

Meat Pies

The spicy meat pies are available on the bar’s afternoon menu daily. The meat-stuffed pies make an excellent afternoon snack. Stuffed into a crumbly pie crust, these empanadas melt in your mouth. Today only, they are available for only $1.

The Strawberry Pies

Strawberry Pie

The Mini Strawberry Pies, made with fresh strawberries and served alongside a vanilla dipping sauce, stole the show. Just enough sweetness with a hint of strawberry tang stuffed into a pie crust make for little pockets of delight. Again, these are on special today only for $1.

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